Pepe Puchol-Salort is a highly-qualified architect and sustainable design analyst based in the UK and Spain. He grew up in an artistic and creative environment and his architect spirit was inside him since his childhood. He is very determined to achieve any professional aim and always looks for ways to improve himself and contribute to the world.

Pepe is currently a post-graduate researcher at Imperial College London inside the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. His PhD topic is related to "Infrastructure Ecology Framework for Sustainable Urban Planning and Water Management". His main research interests are: BGI (Blue Green Infrastructure), flooding and droughts resilience, climate change, sustainable urban design, sustainable architecture and public engagement.

He graduated with distinction from the MSc in Architecture and Environmental Design at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment of the University of Westminster in London in 2016. He combined his studies with part-time architectural practice jobs and was able to obtain his year’s highest average grade (77/80).

Also, he finished his Degree in Architecture (BSc) (MArch) at the Architecture School of the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain in 2013 with very good mark too (8/10).

Pepe has more than 9 years of experience inside the architectural and engineering field. He has been involved in designing different size projects, both in the UK and in Spain. He worked at award-winning practices based in London such as BYDS Associates, Trevor Brown Architects and Golzari-NG Architects before starting his PhD studies; and is still now the co-director of Puchol Arquitectes, an outstanding practice based in the Valencian Community, Spain, and where he has been working from 2010.

He is concerned about the sustainable and climate change issues, especially those related to low-income groups and minorities. Moreover, Pepe is a very open and friendly person, and has the ability to listen to and connect with people, which has helped him to communicate new ideas and design strategies in different circumstances.